::Kingfa Profile
Kingfa was established in 1993. From then, Kingfa keeps the growing rate around 30% per year. In year 2013, the sales revenue was USD 2.75 billion.

Now, Kingfa becomes  the largest high performance plastics compounding manufacturer worldwide, which has 8 facilities in China and India, total current production capacity of 1,300,000MT per year, and will be 1,500,000mts of production capacity in year 2015.

We provide flame retardant resins, reinforced and toughened resins, polymeric alloys, functional masterbatches  (Flame Retardant and Color MasterBatch), Bioplastics and partial recycled resins

Our products cover modified PP, HIPS, ABS, PC, PBT, PET, PA6, PA66, PA 10T, PPE, PVC, TPE, PC/ABS, PC/PS, PC/PBT, PC/PET, PVC/ABS, PPE/PS, PPE/PA and customized resins & alloys, over 3000 grades. Our new advanced materials, such as long glass fiber reinforced PP, PA and ABS; modified PPEs, PLA & PBS bioplastics and LDS (Laser Direct Structuring process), NMT (Nano Molding Technology) resins, are very competitive in the market today.

We serve customers from industries including, but not limited to: Automotive,  Electrical & Electronic Component, Home Electronics, IT & Communication Devices, Household Appliance and Office Equipment, and Power Tools/Garden Tools.

::Kingfa Facilities

Plant Production Lines Production Capacity
 (year 2008)
Production Capacity
(year 2010)
Guangzhou Plant 1 46 120,000,000kgs/year -
Guangzhou Plant 2 54 240,000,000kgs/year 240,000,000kgs/year
Shanghai Plant 3 22 (building) 220,000,000kgs/year 440,000,000kgs/year
Sichuan Plant 4 12 40,000,000kgs/year 80,000,000kgs/year
Guangzhou Plant 5 22 (building) 150,000,000kgs/year 600,000,000kgs/year

::Kingfa Certification
are an ISO9001: 2000 certified, TS16949:2002, ISO 14001 certified and OHSAS 18001 registered enterprise.  

::Kingfa Goal
Pursuit of Excellence in Quality of Products and Services� is our enterprise culture.  We work hard to ensure quality of products as well as advanced service ideas. 100% Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

::Kingfa R & D
 With over 400 experienced engineers on staff, including 12 Post-PhDs, 140 PhDs, and state-of-the-art equipment and instruments, we provide the most innovative solutions, relying on powerful technical strength. From year 2003, one National Plastics Research Center, one Post-Doctor Workstation and a Academician Workstation are set in our Guangzhou site. 

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